17 March 2010

Writing Prompt - St. Patrick's Day

You may wonder why I've chosen holidays to post writing prompts.

I've been told by some people that a holiday is a bad day to do a prompt.  Their reasoning is that no one is going to be writing on a holiday simply because it is a holiday.

I disagree.

I think most writers feel that they are at their best when they sit down to write everyday.  It doesn't matter if it's tough writing that day, the point is they did the work.  They kept themselves on track and moving forward.  On some holidays, especially those that families like to spend a lot of time together or require a lot of kitchen time, it can be nice to let your mind run wild for a little while.  A writing prompt can do that.  Just a nice little exercise to keep your creativity and writing in top form.

So for St. Patrick's Day I thought something lush and green would be appropriate.  Who's looking out?  What's out there?  Where are they?  There's no right answer - just start writing and find out for yourself!


Berry said...

What? No leprachun? I can't even spell it. I like that green. Yeah for spring coming! As for the writing part of it all.........I'll skip your prompt this year, thanks to our DEADLINE!!!!! It's coming.......

Elizabeth said...

Don't you love deadlines! I'm starting to get nervous - but we can totally make it! Exactly four weeks until the day before the deadline - tick-tock. :)

Glad you like the picture. It's from my vacation last July.